Resources for Team Managers

Pre-recorded Online Training Sessions

Michael Cholbi ran a series of team manager training sessions in the run-up to the 2023 regionals.

Session #1, “An Introduction to Ethics Cup Managing”, recording here, slides here

Session #2, “Reasoning and Argumentation Strategies in the Ethics Cup”, recording here, slides here

Session #3, “Competitive Success in the Ethics Cup”, recording here

The trainings addressed

  • helping students prepare for the competition elements (Presentation, Commentary, Response, Dialogue)
  • dividing up labour and working as a team
  • handling ethical theories and principles
  • anticipating objections and questions

Future Training Sessions

Watch this space for information about live training sessions in the run-up to the 2025 tournament.

Match Videos

You and your students might find it helpful to watch videos of previous matches, which can be found here.

Primer Video

Or, for something more brief, you could start by watching this video on how Cup matches work

Further Resources

As you prepare your team to participate in The Cup, you might find helpful the following resources:

This document explaining how to coach a Cup team.

This document laying out a training programme that you can put your Cup team through.

These webinar videos, created for teachers managing teams in the Ethics Olympiad—the Australian equivalent of The Ethics Cup:

This video on helping your students to understand the three most commonly used ethical frameworks.  Start at around 3:00 and watch until 54:00.

This video on how to choose students for your team and how to do in-class training sessions.  Start at around 2:00 and watch until 38:45.