Registering for the 2022 Ethics Cup is a three-step process.

  1. Find your school’s region. The team manager then completes the team registration form, which is linked on the region’s webpage.
  2. The regional organiser sends the team manager a link to the participant registration form.
  3. When at least three members of the team have completed the participant registration form, you can then ask the regional organiser to send you the link and password for the payment page.  Your registration is complete once the payment is received.

The registration cost is £70.  That guarantees your team at least two matches in its regional tournament.  Teams that advance to the finals aren’t charged a further registration fee.  In addition, The Cup will provide financial assistance, in the form of travel bursaries, to teams that qualify for the finals but would otherwise struggle to afford the journey to St. Andrews.

It is important to us that the Cup be an opportunity for dialogue between students from a diverse array of backgrounds.  To that end, schools that serve less wealthy communities are given a £50 discount on the fee.  A school serves a “less wealthy community”, for the purposes of this discount, if it falls between the 50th and 99th percentile of schools in the percentage of its students that qualify for a free school meal.  To find out whether your school qualifies for the discount, click on the link below for the nation in which your school is located: