John Stuart Mill Cup 2021

The third Ethics Cup (then known as The John Stuart Mill Cup) was held in 2021.  Thiat year, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the tournament took place entirely in online form.  Excitingly, thought, it expanded to a regionals-and-finals format.  Over 45 schools from across Britain participated in the four regionals, with three teams advancing out of each regional.  The four regionals, and the teams advancing out of them, were:

  • University of Edinburgh regional: Buckie Community HS, HS of Dundee, Banchory Academy
  • University of Glasgow regional: Ark Globe Academy, Caterham School, Clitheroe Royal Grammar School
  • University of Leeds regional: Allerton High School, Solihull School, Newstead Wood School
  • King’s College London regional: Christ’s Hospital, St Pauls Girls’ School, Simon Langton Girls’ School

Over the course of the regionals, the participating students were assessed by judges from a variety of walks of life while debating some very hot-topic issues, including campus no-platforming, laws banning homophobia speech, and a right to be forgotten on the internet, as well as more unexpected topics such as public nudity and food waste.

The finals took place on 16 June and likewise featured some very ripped-from-the headlines ethical cases, including vaccine prioritisation, the possibility of mandating vaccination, and the tearing down of statues of racists, as well as exploring controversies such as tail docking for working dogs and mandatory voting.  Banchory High School and Allerton High School made it through to the knockout stage, but were beaten by Simon Langton and St. Paul’s respectively, in a split decision in each case.  In the final, Simon Langton emerged victorious and earned the right to display the cup until 2022.