Putting Together Your Team

There are two kinds of team eligible for the Cup.  If you are a school teacher or administrator you can put together a team composed of students at your school.  If you work for an approved charitable trust you can put together a team of young people with whom your organisation works. A person is eligible to compete if s/he is a student at levels S4-6 (Scotland), years 11-14 (Northern Ireland), or years 10-13 (England and Wales) or is a non-student in the corresponding age range.  (If you have questions about your eligibility or that of someone you know, please contact the organisers.) Each team has 3-10 members, though in any given match only 3-5 members from each team (a “squad”) will compete, and you must choose your squad before finding out which cases will be used in the match.  To be eligible to participate, each team member must have completed the individual registration form.