Find your Region

The 2022 Ethics Cup will have seven regional competitions.  All of them except the University of Kent are planned to go ahead as in-person tournaments.  The University of Kent tournament will be online-only.

To find out which regional your school can enter, consult this map.  If your school is located in one of these zones

then you must compete at that regional unless your team qualifies for an exemption*.  If your school is located in any of the other zones then your team has a choice whether to compete in its regional tournament or in the University of Kent regional, which is being held online.  To learn more about that regional and begin the registration process, click here.

* Exemptions are awarded under two circumstances: 1) Your school is on holiday on the day of your regional tournament; 2) Your team would violate your school’s or local area’s Covid-related rules by competing in person.  If you think your team qualifies for an exemption, contact